What are the BioPod™ Patents?

What Happens when a Game-Changing Idea becomes Life-Changing Wearable Technology Patents?

The BioPod™ Patents may provide a broad range of capabilities and may also provide new and unique business development and crossover opportunities with a number of industries Including:

Health & Fitness

Coaches and trainers would be able to communicate directly with the athlete or to a specific group of individuals to reinforce and to encourage their athletes while the "trainer" monitors their vital signs and training zone performances. . .

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Healthcare / Homecare

BioPod™ may add value to a proprietary "specially designed system" which offers 24-7 monitoring of a patents vital signs, on an intermittent or continuous basis, while offering direct communications to the patient  and various authorized contacts . . .

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Biometric Interactive TV

BioPod™ may add considerable value to current television and internet programming for video gaming and on-air programs like P90X, and Insanity type fitness programming. Our partners networks may be made interactive, for example, . . .

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The BioPod™ Network

The BioPod™ network may provide direct real time communication features and connections to individuals who become members of the proprietary network while using connectivity via the "cloud", where in this case "the coach and . . .

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Video Gaming

BioPod™ Added Value Improves "Motion Sensing" calculations while using "actual biomedical feedback for heart-rate, oxygen saturation, respiration, temperature, end-tidal CO2, etc., all with direct communications to the individual . . .

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