Biometric Interactive TV

Biometric Interactive TV

(Biometric Interactive Programming and Communication Network and System for Television, Internet, Chromecast Programming, etc.)

BioPod™ Technology may add considerable value to current television and internet programming for video gaming and on-air programs like P90X, and Insanity type fitness programming. Our partners networks may be made interactive, for example, the P90X professional trainers may communicate directly to their patrons as they are exercising On Air.  BioPod™ has the potential to add Real-Time Communications and Reinforcement for existing television / infomercial programming / Web T.V., etc. by offering the network to monitor, reinforce, set goals, along with offering a wide variety of follow-up communication for tips, and potential direct competition with patrons within "The BioPod™ Community" and added value offers tied to a "new" advertising and revenue model while offering a "game-changing" new concept.

BioPod™ Technology may also add a proprietary distinction and value proposition to the video game and streaming industry where direct communications between gamers and groups of gamers and enthusiasts within "The BioPod™ Community" would be able to monitor video game challenges through their video game consoles, or via the internet during real time streaming where patrons offer encouragement to the individual players which would add a proprietary feature and distinction within this industry.

Ex. Our Licensee develops a combination exercise/ video game which tracks results and offers real time communication to individuals and to groups involved with "the challenge." The BioPod™ Technology System offers direct reinforcement from the trainer to help get children to exercise by making it fun.  This type of proactive programming would complement The Presidents Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition programming intended to increase the exercising and resultant weight reduction of our youth.

This new incentive and competition throughout the country between individuals, small groups, teams, schools, businesses and organizations, etc., may be made possible via the capabilities of BioPod™ Technology which would be conducive to helping young people, boys and girls alike, to exercise, get into better shape, conceivably lose weight --- while having fun! A Possible Scenario Situation may be exploited by The Right Partner.


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