BioPod™ Prior Art Review, “Reasons for Allowance”

Reasons for Allowance of the BioPod™ Art

-as stated by the USPTO Examiner

-"the prior art of record fails to teach or render obvious an exercise and communications system with all the structural elements and functional relationships comprising an interactive device comprising a memory, a controller, a remote device and an external device, wherein the controller determines whether a sensed physiological parameter satisfies a notification criteria, wherein the interactive device includes one or more sensors, a remote interface that communicates data with the remote device, and further comprising a headset with one earpiece that houses a wireless communication functionality and another earpiece with a tube comprising a tip, a carbon dioxide sensor located in front of the user’s mouth and configured  to measure carbon dioxide and mounted on the tube, and wiring to carbon dioxide sensor on the tip of the tube, wherein the one earpiece that houses the wireless communication is functionally configured to audibly reinforce the user if the heart rate of the user falls below a targeted training zone heart rate."  - USPTO Examiner