BioPod® Technology's Unique Patented Features

• Remote Patient and Athlete Monitoring • Secure Direct Communications with Healthcare Professionals, Caregivers, Family, Coaches, Trainers and more. • Data collected from ear sensors and other associated sensors includes: Heart Rate, Temperature, Oxygen Saturation, and End Tidal CO2. • Data can be accessed continuously or intermittently with 24/7/365 direct communications available between users and a wide range of affiliates. • Audio Alerts and Haptic Feedback -enabled for real-time notifications for crucial communications such as prescription reminders, remote physical therapy and training data alerts and much more!

In these pandemic times, the world is looking for solutions for treatment, vaccines, and contact-tracking. In the case of contact-tracking, tech giants across the globe are currently working on app hosts that can be used to provide data once the worldwide medical community determines the criteria necessary. Incorporating these features into the BioPod® ecosystem may provide the additional capabilities and features of our unique IP to increase speed and availability of crucial data potentially to medical professionals worldwide.

CoVid-19 doesn’t know anything about borders.  It can’t distinguish one country from another.  It doesn’t know languages. It can’t see color or gender. Join with healthcare professionals around the world who are working tirelessly to fight this pandemic. Maybe we should fight fire with fire, and not see the differences between us all. CoVid-19 is an invisible killer that we knew very little if anything about. Please remember that. Thank you Healthcare Workers and all essential workers.

There’s a great debate whether to lockdown and stay isolated or to open up and let people get back to work to try and salvage businesses, homes and be able to provide income necessary for their survival. BioPod® Technology’s  Remote Patient monitoring IP could provide a bridge to a safer opening up of towns, cities, states and countries. With the potential of the BioPod® Technology Mask concept and our  other wearables/hearables concepts, the potential exists for  much safer interaction outside of lockdowns.