Fitness & Sport

Ultimate Biofeedback and communications capabilities for Coaches and Trainers
to monitor and to communicate directly with their Athletes and Clients

Proprietary to BioPod™Technology, Coaches and trainers would be able to communicate directly with the athlete or to a specific group of individuals to reinforce and to encourage their athletes while the "trainer" monitors their vital signs and training zone performances. GPS support may be provided as would all of the data collection from vital signs to e.g. time, distance, calorie consumption, speed, calculated VO2 Max Value, workload strength, etc, from the individual or team which would also provide for complete communications capabilities including two-way communications to include cell transmissions for phone and for entertainment, with audio message alerts being preset by the athlete or coach for training zone high and low limits whereby customized training regimen options may be selected by the individual or group, and/or downloaded via our training systems to maximize the training experience.  The "coach" can access the program and monitor and change the workout to make it harder or easier.

What BioPod™ Technology means for professional trainers and their clients. BioPod™ would provide a system for certified athletic trainers to monitor and to communicate directly with clients while training in a H&F Club or while they are in their homes. Patrons of Health Clubs, individuals, primarily women and older people who choose not to go "on display" at the fitness club, who would prefer to work out in the privacy of their homes but would appreciate the value of their professional trainers having the ability to monitor remotely their personalized workouts while offering reinforcements and encouragement thereby helping them to manage and to maximize their training sessions, would create a new business development opportunity for BioPod™ partners.


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