The BioPod™ Big Data Network

The BioPod™ Big Data Network

GPS Locating Documents Personal Preferences Along with Human Factors
and Enhances Mixed Reality, AI, AR, and Deep Learning Applications

Direct to Consumer Marketing & Advertising Programming (Patent-Pending)

BioPod's Big Data Network becomes a refined data source for AI, and AR applications, where the BioPod earbud w/ GPS and communications features eventually becomes a ubiquitous, but valuable component to collect human factors and location data leading to AI applications. With the personalized deep learning capabilities provided by GPS location coupled with personalized biometrics, BioPod will become an effective "method for targeting advertising" while also becoming a "method for interest-based social networking" which is offered in the current BioPod Divisional Patent Application.
"Additionally, "special offers" may be directed to the user from suppliers and/or retailers either in a retail store environment while the user is shopping, or shopping alerts offered by web sites, or relating to the activity-type selected by the user, and possibly leading to connectivity to social networks for walkers, runners, cyclists or other relevant groups to learn about events, blog connections, and special offers," etc.

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