BioPod's Unique Patented Features

BioPod’s Latest Issued Patent Adds Unique Extended Capabilities to BioPod’s Already Rich Feature Set! See Details >


• Remote Patient and Athlete Monitoring • Secure Direct Communications with Healthcare Professionals, Caregivers, Family, Coaches, Trainers and more. • Data collected from ear sensors and other associated sensors includes: Heart Rate, Temperature, Oxygen Saturation, and End Tidal Co2. • Data can be accessed continuously or intermittently with 24/7/365 direct communications available between users and a wide range of affiliates. • Audio Alerts and Haptic Feedback -enabled for real-time notifications for crucial communications such as prescription reminders, remote physical therapy and training data alerts and much more!

“With all the features like BioPod HouseCall™, it gives me such peace of mind that there is technology that watches over me all the time and help is just my BioPod away!”

“I can work with my physical and respiratory therapy trainer right from my own home!“

“BioPod RemoteCoach™ let’s me monitor my athletes wherever they are. It’s great for keeping track of multiple athletes that I train!”

“Knowing I can train myself using BioPod VirtualCoach™ with real meaningful and real-time data is great!  BioPod charges as hard as I do!”

“As a healthcare system administrator, It’s crucial that I provide a system that will deliver the best healthcare possible, manage our productivity to keep costs down for our patients and us and also provide a system that is cohesive and keeps our staff  informed 24/7/365.  BioPod is a lifesaver for our lifesavers!”

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