Healthcare / Homecare

Healthcare / Homecare

Medical & Emergency Applications including Remote Monitoring of Patients' Vital Signs. Medical professionals are able to communicate directly in realtime with their patients.

BioPod™ may add value to a proprietary "specially designed system" which offers 24/7 monitoring of a patient's vital signs, on an intermittent or continuous basis, while offering direct communications to the patient  and various authorized contacts within the network, including physicians, nurses, emergency contact applications, and potentially offering direct contact with family members, etc.
 The ability to integrate BioPod™ Technology into best practices for clinical trials provides an extra advantage to pharmaceutical companies and research entities that count on daily data to refine and perfect their products and discoveries.

IoMT Market Poised To Reach $72 billion by 2021

What this technology can mean to the health and wellbeing of families is truly life changing. One of the chief concerns that faces each family today is being informed of the health of family members who, for any number of reasons, can't easily be checked and monitored. Families with elderly members, family members with disabilities, family members with any number of conditions that can cause concern and excessive worry, may all benefit from the ability to know how loved ones are at any moment in time. BioPod™ technology provides the possibility of creating a network with you and healthcare professionals to deliver the best care available.

Healthcare Providers and Insurers also benefit directly from the possibilities that the BioPod™ technology presents. Healthcare Insurers may be given a platform that allows them to more accurately and efficiently provide coverage for their customers, all at a lower cost for the insurers with the added benefit of being able to reduce premiums for their customers. Healthcare Providers may be provided with real-time feedback that allows them to provide better care for their patients and also make their practices run more efficiently and help them reduce their own operating costs and insurance premiums.

Home patients can be "coached" by their physical therapy, respiratory therapy, and pharmacy professionals while being "coached up" by remote professionals intending to help the patients recuperate, get better, while avoiding return visits to the ER or hospital.


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