BioPod® Technology Presentation
January 5, 2022

The Need

As the mean population of the U.S. and the rest of the World becomes increasingly older, providing medical care for our seniors and those with disabilities becomes more costly and logistically more problematic. Add to that, the isolation that many face with family members who may live great distances away, and the challenges that they may face with their own physical mobility, memory loss and a number of challenges that those who are younger and physically fit take for granted. As children of seniors reach middle age, children become the parents. Young families with developing careers and young children have the added responsibility of senior parental care. There is also the guilt that the caretaker children may feel while attempting to handle the additional responsibility of senior care or the care of those with disabilities.

What is BioPod® Technology?

BioPod® Technology’s two-way (or multiple channel) secure direct communication system patents provide unique features (to the Hearables and wearables industries) that include instantaneous or intermittent remote monitoring and communication between users and a wide range of affiliates. Biometric Vital Signs Data may be collected, transmitted and displayed to necessary personnel from ear sensors and other associated sensors which measure heart rate, oxygen saturation, temperature and expressed carbon dioxide 24/7/365. BioPod® Technology can provide life-changing and game-changing vitals feedback information that can be transmitted to doctors, nurses, healthcare facilities, primary care physicians, home healthcare professionals, emergency response professionals, labs and testing facilities, family members, coaches, trainers and athletes.

BioPod™ Technology is “an exercise and communications system which includes an interactive device wherein the interactive device is configured to gather biometric data; heart rate, oxygen saturation, temperature, end tidal carbon dioxide, etc., relating to a user of the system and transmit this data to a remote device, and the remote device is configured to analyze the data and transmit a response to the interactive device, which in turn communicates the response to the user and additionally communicates with an external device for retrieval of instructions, programs, and data, inter alia. An exercise and communication system facilitates communication between a plurality of users, each having and interactive device and a remote device. The remote device may include a watch, a cell phone, a personal digital assistant, etc.

The BioPod® Technology “external device may include an information provider, a service-based center, a counselor, an advisor, a coach, a medical professional, an emergency response center, an information database, a personal computing system, a central computing system, a distributed computing system, a server, a communication exchange system, a global navigation satellite system, an entertainment system, a video game console, streaming media player, etc., cloud based entertainment and content stored in data centers, or any intermediary connecting to or between one or more such points.”
BioPod® Technology was created to be a game-changer and life-saver with audio alerts and haptic feedback enabled real-time vital communications such as prescription reminders, remote physical therapy and training sessions, BioPod HouseCall™ doctor visits and much more.

GPS location capabilities assure any user or provider could be located in critical situations and linked to Emergency Response and Medical Professionals 24/7/365, eliminating extraneous logistical steps that impede medical professionals from focusing on what they do best.

BioPod® Technology Unique Patented Features

• Remote Patient and Athlete Monitoring • Secure Direct Communications with Healthcare Professionals, Caregivers, Family, Coaches, Trainers and more. • Data collected from ear sensors and other associated sensors includes: Heart Rate, Temperature, Oxygen Saturation, and End Tidal Co2. • Data can be accessed continuously or intermittently with 24/7/365 direct communications available between users and a wide range of affiliates. • Audio Alerts and Haptic Feedback -enabled for real-time notifications for crucial communications such as prescription reminders, remote physical therapy and training data alerts and much more!

What Industries can be impacted by BioPod Technology?
BioPod® offers a broad range of applications for the following fields:Healthcare, Homecare, IoMT, Health & Fitness, Big Data, Smart Home, Military, Mixed Reality, and Video Gaming.

Medical & Emergency Applications including Remote Monitoring of Patients’ Vital Signs. Medical professionals are able to communicate directly in real-time 24/7/365 with their patients and their families.
What this BioPod® Technology can mean to the health and wellbeing of families is life-changing and potentially lifesaving. One of the chief concerns that faces families today is being informed of the health of family members who live in different locations, for any number of reasons, can’t easily be checked and monitored. Families with elderly members, family members with disabilities, family members with any number of conditions that can cause concern and excessive worry, may all benefit from the ability to know how loved ones are at any moment in time. BioPod® Technology provides the possibility of creating a network with you, your family and healthcare professionals to deliver the best care available.
Healthcare Providers and Insurers also benefit directly from the possibilities that the BioPod® Technology presents. Healthcare Insurers may be given a platform that allows them to accurately and efficiently collect and analyze collected biometric vitals data, providing enhanced coverage for their customers, at a lower cost for the insurers with the added benefit of being able to reduce premiums for their customers. Healthcare Providers may be provided with real-time feedback that allows them to provide better care for their patients and also make their practices run more efficiently and help them reduce their own operating costs and insurance premiums.
Home patients can be coached by their physical therapy, respiratory therapy, and pharmacy professionals while being coached by remote additional healthcare professionals to assist patients in the recuperative process and avoid unnecessary return visits to the ER or hospital.

The IoMT, IoT and Analytics

BioPod® Technology’s Ear-Sourced Biometric Data and Multi-Channel Communications System utilizes ear-sourced Vital Sign feedback. “Unique to BioPod® Technology’s infrastructure is its built-in, real-time, multi-channel biometric data feedback which uses preset “high and low range analytics” to alert IoMT linked Healthcare/Homecare professionals of conceivable “out-of-range” biometric status of their patients, which alerts them 24/7/365 to initiate appropriate proactive care responses for their HomeCare Patients based on collected biometric data and analytics presented.

These same high-low range analytical parameters provide a basis which can lead to improved and personalized care supported by direct communication and haptic responses. This allows remote patients comfort and assurance that Healthcare/Homecare Professionals, Support Staff, Emergency Services, Primary Care Doctors and Family are watching over them while being monitored and supported by BioPod’s Personalized CareUniverse™.”

BioPod® Technology, The IoMT, and the Business End of Multi-Channel Communications and Biometric Feedback for Healthcare/Homecare

According to The Frost & Sullivan Report, the IoMT market should reach $72 Billion by 2021. BioPod® Technology represents a uniquely diverse commercial opportunity which could integrate into existing IoT and IoMT hardware and software, become a standalone device or product, while improving remote patient care potential whether it’s a short distance or a world away. With the proprietary positioning of the BioPod® Technology patents, BioPod® Sets Wearable Technology on its Ear.

Fitness & Sport
Ultimate Biofeedback and communications capabilities for Coaches and Trainers
to remotely train, monitor and communicate directly with their Athletes and Clients

Real-time 24/7/365 data collection makes it possible for Coaches, Trainers and other Certified Health Therapists and Professionals to tailor a specific PodiumPerformance™ remote training program to keep their athletes “in the zone” and at peak performance levels not possible before providing new levels of protection for athletes with haptic and audio alerts. The secondary benefit is the trainers up their “game” to elite levels as well with BioPod® Technology “tools” that make elite pro performance possible for their athletes and clients. Integration of BioPod® Technology into Performance Masks make it a “Pro-brainer” for developers of related hardware and soft goods in Fitness & Sport categories. “BioPod® Technology believes that “no-brainer” solutions are exactly that, the industry deserves more than toys that don’t deliver or provide what pro-level athletes and others want.

BioPod Technology has two Fitness Sports concepts, each having applications for product designers and developers, BioPod® RemoteCoach and BioPod® VirtualCoach. We also have a BioPod® ProActive performance mask concept that incorporates all the features of BioPod® Remote Coach™ and BioPod® VirtualCoach™.

BioPod® RemoteCoach™ Key Features
• Real-time communication with Coaches and Trainers
• Heart Rate, Temperature, Oxygen Saturation, and VO2 Max Expressed CO2 Monitoring
• Fully Customizable Training on the Fly
• Haptic and Audio Alerts and Notifications
• Remote Training Anywhere, Anytime

BioPod® VirtualCoach™ Key Features
• Real-Time Data to Monitor Your Progress
• Heart Rate, Temperature, Oxygen Saturation, and VO2 Max Expressed CO2 Monitoring
• Terrain and Altitude Simulations
• Remote Training Anywhere, Anytime

Proprietary to BioPod®Technology, Coaches and Trainers would be able to communicate directly with an individual athlete or group to reinforce and encourage them while the “trainer” monitors their vital signs and training zone performances. GPS support may be provided as would all of the data collection from vital signs to e.g. time, distance, calorie consumption, speed, calculated VO2 Max Value, workload strength, etc, from the individual or team which would also provide for complete communications capabilities including two-way communications to include cell transmissions for phone and for entertainment, with audio message alerts being preset by the athlete or coach for training zone high and low limits whereby customized training regimen options may be selected by the individual or group, and/or downloaded via our training systems to maximize the training experience. The “coach” can access the program and monitor and change the workout with terrain and altitude simulations.
What BioPod® Technology means for professional trainers and their clients.
BioPod® Technology would provide a system for certified athletic trainers to monitor and to communicate directly with clients while training in a Health & Fitness Club or while in their homes. Patrons of Health Clubs, individuals, primarily women and seniors who choose not to go “on display” at the fitness club, who would prefer to work out in the privacy of their homes but would appreciate the value of their professional trainers having the ability to monitor remotely their personalized workouts while offering reinforcements and encouragement thereby helping them to manage and to maximize their training sessions, would create a new business development opportunity for BioPod® Technology partners.

Smart Home Control
The BioPod® Hearable Home

Smart Home information and communication system would be enhanced with the addition of biometrics feedback from all individuals (and even pets) in the Smart Home Control where the BioPod® Hearable PlatformTechnology would add value and differentiation to “Home” and may become the conduit for numerous mixed reality and IoTS applications.
BioPod® Home Systems provides direct connectivity between the medical professional, healthcare systems, including rehabilitation services along with mixed reality applications.
BioPod’s Platform Biometric Feedback which sources data from our proprietary “earbud” sourcing and communication system could be utilized to be incorporated to enhance leaders in the Smart Home Control providers with upgrades to their existing systems or by providing a “home hospital suite” where BioPod with our proposed “pod” docking station would be the technical support module for the home care patients.

Big Data Network

Big Data with the potential integration of BioPod® Technology for Business, Healthcare Systems, Corporations, Organizations and Institutions presents a compelling case for a swarm technology where smaller hardware and software solutions could, by virtue of the shear numbers of small devices, collect, analyze and channel gained knowledge in a very hands-on societal manner involving any devices used within the IoT and IoMT. While most Healthcare Systems, Corporations and Institutions are increasingly implementing Big Data initiatives to increase their ability to collect pertinent data which will spur growth within their categories, there is a very real concern about the data collected and how it is used. It’s currently in the forefront of the news. BioPod® Technology presents the potential for gathering biometric data on the collections themselves while adding the potential for even larger amounts of collection, giving the average user a sense of participation and protection in the process. BioPod®Technology Biometric Data Access & Retrieval of biometric data is either Accepted or can be Denied by the individual during BioPod Technology Set-Up where protected data will pass through an encrypted cloud requiring the individual’s approval along with the user partners recognizing and acceptance of confidentiality. The BioPod® Technology ear-based sensor feedback conduit and multi-channel communications system is key to the transmission and collection of data from our ear-based sensors and additional topical and implanted sensors placed on the individuals and other network user partners all over the world.

The combined growth potential represented by Big Data, the IoT, IoMT, and a Social Swarm component presents an opportunity for unprecedented levels of knowledge acquisition through deep learning. BioPod® Technology with its proprietary remote monitoring of biometric vital signs feedback, analytics and communication capabilities through in-ear sensors and associated topical and implanted sensors gives users an entry point to participate in the process and provide a check and balance system for Users, Big Data, IoT, IoMT, AI and Deep Learning. Unique to BioPod® Technology’s infrastructure is its built-in biometric data feedback which uses preset “high and low range analytics” to alert market professionals and researchers of trends and other data that can be identified and responded to according to movements in the data fields. The ability for Big Data to drill down and cull usable data has been problematic at this point in time.

Video Gaming

Evolving, fluid and dynamic reactive gaming is within reach with BioPod® Technology. Monitoring of gamer’s vitals adds an infinite number of game play possibilities by communicating with the game platform. “ The Game” may become reactive and dynamic in response to the data collected by BioPod® Technology. With variables set in game coding, this reactive component creates a futuristic gaming architecture that presents an ever-changing gaming environment which extends the interest and playability of each game. Imagine a game that could change course, difficulty, and any other imagined challenges simply based on the data from each user which is influenced by any number of external factors. This addition to options within a game provides powerful exponential possibilities to the challenges available in game play. A gamer’s vitals could be displayed within game screens to ramp up the challenge between competing gamers. BioPod® Technology also can create a direct communications link between gamers and enthusiasts with “The BioPod® Technology Community” through real-time encouragement and responses to individual and team players.

BioPod® Technology Added Value improves “Motion Sensing” calculations while using “actual biomedical feedback for heart-rate, oxygen saturation, respiration, temperature, end-tidal CO2, etc., all with direct communications to the individual, those connected to the network, and the game architecture. By offering a major point-of-differentiation over existing algorithms, BioPod® Technology offers the potential to make a quantum leap in video game development. As a prominent video gaming industry executive and consultant recently stated, he “sees the value and importance of accurate and consistent measurement of biorhythms for enhanced game play and fitness performance”.

Technology meets Opportunity.

The Wearables category has seen its share of products rushed to market in an attempt to capitalize on meaningless fads and trends. The evidence of their failure is in the news daily. BioPod® Platform Technology provides the ability to collect truly meaningful vitals data and provide multi-channel communication between healthcare professional and patients to coaches and athletes. The appeal and potential of BioPod® Technology extends across many demographics with life-saving and game-changing technology.

Hooking our Wagon to a Star
“Now that is the wisdom of a man, in every instance of his labor, to hitch his wagon to a star, and see his chore done by the gods themselves.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1862 essay, “American Civilization”

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