The BioPod™ Network

The BioPod™ Network

(Direct to Consumer Marketing & Advertising Program)

The BioPod™ Network may provide direct real time communication features and connections to individuals who become members of the proprietary network while using connectivity via the "cloud", where in this case "the coach and medical staff" is indeed a licensed communication consortium of various global vision partners and members.  

What BioPod™ Technology means for Big Data Applications

"After sales marketing and consumer specific "special offers" can be communicated via our network where GPS, along with our proprietary network communication features which would be enhanced via social media partners."

"Additionally, "special offers" may be directed to the user from suppliers and/or retailers either in a retail store environment while the user is shopping or shopping alerts offered by web sites, or relating to the activity-type selected by the user, and possibly leading to connectivity to social networks for walkers, runners, cyclists or other relevant groups to learn about events, blog connections, and special offers," etc.



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